1. Development, nourishment and spreading the Bengali language, literature and culture in adherence to the national wishes and aspirations.

  2. Issuing, publication and making it accessible of the key works like authentic dictionary of the Bengali language, writing terminologies and grammar, reference books, bibliographies and encyclopedia to common people.

  3. Undertaking required steps to determine the standard spelling and accentuation of the Bengali words and enhancing the use of Bengali language both in quantitative and qualitative terms in the arena of science and technology.

  4. Writing textbooks of higher stage in the Bengali language and publishing of research books, translated books and other collections on the history of language movement and liberation war to that goal.

  5. Translating the major works of Bengali literature in different languages of the world for spreading the inner message and beauty of Bengali literature in the outer world and simultaneously translating the major literary works of other languages in Bengali.

  6. Organizing special trainings for the government officials and employees cum the service staffs or all the public employees (to say in a nutshell) so that they can achieve skills in Bengali language, mode of spelling and its use.

  7. Introducing literary awards and international awards and fellowships, life term membership and membership status in the arena of cultivating Bengali language, literature and culture.

  8. Undertaking necessary measures to include Bengali language and literature in the syllabus of the foreign universities and spreading as well as introducing the Bengali language, literature, culture and epistemology in the outer world.