Activities of the Bangla Academy in last nine years

 Research-oriented activities:

 The first time formulation and publication of the Standard Bengali dictionary after 110 years’ efforts in the Bengali speaking regions of the world.

  • Issuing the Evolutionary Dictionary of Bengali language which amounts to 3000 pages in total over three volumes.

  • Preparation and publication of the book relating to the History of Bengal and the Bengalis.

  • Reformation, revision and enlargement of the Applied Bengali dictionary.

  • Preparation and publication of series books relating to the folk culture of 64 districts of Bangladesh.

  • Writing books relating to the lives and works of eminent literary and cultural personalities, collection of their works and issuing the history of Bengali literature in five volumes.

  • Organizing Regional Literary Conferences in different districts of Bangladesh.

  • International Literary Conference observed (2015).

  • International Folklore Conference observed (2013).

  • International Workshop on Folklore entitled “Third Folklore Summer School” held.

  • The traditional Jamdani sari of Bangladesh has been included in the list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO. Bangla Academy prepared the nomination file sent to UNESCO.

  • Mangal Shobha Yatra of Pahela Baishakh (Colorful procession of men and women and children with lots of masks and local motifs on the very first day of the Bengali calendar) has been recognized as Cultural Heritage by UNESCO on November 29 of 2016.

Other Important Activities: 

 2.1: Construction of the Language Movement Museum, National Literature and Writers’ Museum (2011-2012) and Bangla Academy archives.

2.2: Continuation of the programme entitled Extension of Folklore Museum and Development at the Burdwan house.

2.3: Reformation and Preservation of the historical Burdwan Bhawan.

2.4: Passing of the Bangla Academy Act in the National Parliament after 35 years since 1974.

2.5: Construction of eight storied new building of Bangla Academy and a 500-seated, highly modernized auditorium as well as the seminar room.

2.6: Completion of two 12-storied buildings of the Academy for its staff employees named as “Staff Quarters.”

2.7: Completion of the modernized “Book Sale Centre” of the Academy.

2.8: Publication of 73 books under the programme entitled “Issuing Dictionaries relating to Bengali language and literature, Different Researches and Publications.”

2.9: Enhancing the rotating budget to almost double amount.

2.10: One CTP and one folding machine has been purchased with the allotted 215 lakh taka BDT in the year 2015-16 with the aim to modernize Bangla Academy Press.